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Services & Rates

Healing Stones

Experience deep healing and transformation with Laura's holistic life coaching. Specializing in Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, Energy Healing, Laura supports you to release pain, fear and limitation, and reclaim your inner power.


One 60-minute session - $133.

12 Week Program - $1333.

Laura's unique Hypnosis programs include a combination of holistic coaching, NLP and timeline therapy to help you break unhelpful habits and restore balance and harmony. Enquire about Hypnosis today.


One 60-minute session - $122.

Five 1-hour sessions - $555.

Reiki Energy Healing is a powerful tool for balancing your body, mind, and spirit. Laura can help you clear and align your chakras for optimal health and well-being.




One 60-minute session - $88.

Three 1-hour sessions $222.

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